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Olivia Alcaire is an elected official serving on Hillsboro City Council since 2017. Olivia has a BA/MA in Mexican History from PSU, an EdM in Adult Ed from OSU, and is currently working on her EdD in Education Leadership at Portland State. Olivia has worked in higher education as an adviser and part-time faculty. Olivia has 20+ years of Portland metro area social service work, including 2 AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer programs. Olivia has worked in higher education since 2003 for Portland State and PCC, as an advisor and instructor. Olivia serves on the boards of Bienestar of Oregon and Willamette West Habitat for Humanity who each provide affordable housing.


Olivia cares about affordable housing and houseless, immigrant rights, the environment and natural resource conservation, small and big businesses, transportation and safety, public safety, and so much more. Most of all, Olivia supports younger waves of BIPOC who are also interested in becoming future leaders and hoping to make critical community change in their communities and engage their governments.

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